edit 6.5 is a Windows® 2000-based creative non-linear editing system, used from rough-cut to real-time non-compressed online for professional projects from broadcast programming and documentaries to corporate training tapes and DVD projects.

Now you have all the editing power needed in a non-linear editing system: fast trimming, slip, slide, replace, insert and overwrite as well as excellent media management capabilities for short- and long-format projects. With Discreet's edit 6.5 non-linear editing system, you have all the speed needed from rough-cut to online, utilizing the dual-processing, multi-threaded environment of Windows 2000. edit 6.5 offers all the graphics and effects power needed on the desktop, with real-time keyframed motion effects and instant access to combustion™, Discreet's desktop compositing solution with world-renowned tracking, image stabilization, paint and color correction tools.

edit 6.5 software's sophisticated multi-layer timeline uses full alpha pass-through between layers for vertical editing, sophisticated keyframe editing, and 48 real-time audio tracks for mixing – making edit 6.5 the perfect non-linear application for broadcast and independent post-production projects.

With edit 6.5, you get dual streams of non-compressed video with three non-compressed graphic overlays, made possible by video processing hardware built for tomorrow's demands but available to you today. What are you waiting for? Make the switch to a faster, feature rich, professional tool and leave the cost behind.

Discreet edit 6.5 Software Functionality
  • edit 6.5 exclusively supports the TARGA 3000 and Windows 2000 operating system.
  • edit 6.5 will be released in a single software configuration, delivering outstanding value at a new lower price point.
  • edit 6.5 builds upon the extensive, professional feature set of edit plus 6.0 by adding several significant new features including:
    • Support for multiple layers of real-time noncompressed video and graphics
    • New software codec architecture enables mixing of compressed and noncompressed video
    • Real-time Motion-JPEG software codec provides compressed video capture and playback
    • New Media Manager with Media Transfer and Media Consolidate
    • Real-time RGB color correction
    • JL-Cooper MCS3 jog/shuttle controller support
    • New full duplex voiceover to timeline
    • Floating source time code UI display window
    • Improved integration with our new combustion 2.0 software release
  • Additionally, edit 6.5 includes the innovative jobnet pro-producer 3.0 collaboration software, which enables storyboard editing and preview of clips from a remote laptop or desktop PC.